June Projects

The other day I realized that my sewing machine
has been quiet for some time.
Which made me think about why 
I haven't felt like sewing,
and I realized that my rainbow quilt
isn't inspiring me.
It's a great design,
but for some reason it's not working for me.
So I took the strips apart,
and began again.
This time I'm making an improv quilt,
which I have to say,
is very satisfying indeed.

And now my sewing machine is humming,
once again.
much better.

My Glimakra Ideal loom now has eight shafts on it,
and a new project.
I'm weaving a silk scarf
using an uneven point twill draft
from A German Weaver's Pattern Book 1784-1810
by Christian Morath.
The warp is Muga silk from Treenway Silks,
and the weft is Henry's Cascade Petite Natural spun silk.

I love the design,
and it should make a lovely, soft silk scarf.

My Baby Wolf loom has a blended color warp on it,
using various colors of Bockens 22/2 Nialin yarn.
I love weaving with Swedish yarn,
and this cottolin yarn has a wonderful feel to it.
I've been inspired to weave a summer shirt
after rereading an article in 
The Weaver's Journal,
Summer 1985.
The article is
 "Designed for Narrow Looms-
A summer shirt inspired by the Macedonian chemise"
by Mary Temple.
I first wove this shirt ten years ago,
and I realized that I wanted to weave another one.
This time I'm using Bockens Lingarn for the weft yarn,
which is a 16/2 linen yarn,
in a summery soft chiffon yellow.

I'm using novely yarns for the bands 
on the sleeves and the center front and back of the shirt.

On the spinning side of things,
I've started spinning a lovely Merino/silk roving
that I dyed last summer,
using deep orange, soft brown,
and forest green dyes.

If you're a spinner,
you know the joy of working with soft,
well blended fiber.
I think this will make an awesome hat
for a special someone!

The other day I was riding my motorcycle 
through the Palouse Prairie,
and came across fields of canola plants.
Miles and miles of  bright, cheery yellow as far as you could see.



  1. It's great to realize the 'thing' that is holding you up. Often times I've discovered it can be the simplest of 'things' that holds me up, and once I identify it and forge ahead - magic happens! Or least I get something done, lol. Improv does seem to suit you. Also, I can't imagine weaving a shirt - awesome! And I absolutely love the canola fields of northern Idaho. Such a site to see!

  2. I am glad that you have got past your sewing block. Your weaving looks beautiful and that yellow field is amazing - I had not heard of canola but it seems to be rapeseed according to Google. xx

  3. I love your improv quilt! Enjoy your other projects too.
    Isn't it too hot for weaving?


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