July Projects

I finished a quilt this week!
It feels like it's been a long time since I've been able to say that.
This is a rainbow quilt from the book,

This is my version of Plumb,
which is now hanging on my dining room wall.
(Thanks Marshall, for hanging it for me!)

I like it!

I hand quilted it in a freestyle fan pattern,
which gives it the textured look that I love so much.

I wove some cloth using the honeycomb pattern,
and two green cottolin yarns for the warp,
with the idea of sewing new sofa pillows.
I hesitated about sewing in the zipper,
but you know what?
I guess zipper sewing is like riding a bike,
it doesn't matter how long it's been,
you really do remember! 

There will be more handwoven pillows in the future,
for sure!

I've started knitting again,
which feels really good.
I'm knitting a simple hat to wear while I'm hiking,
using some handspun dyed Polwarth/silk yarn,
and a slubby handspun Merino/silk singles yarn.
I spend a lot of time sitting outside,
in order to let my dogs run,
(I caught Bella licking the sofa the other day,
and I realized that she needed outside time
with lots of running
or my sofa wasn't going to survive....)
and this is a great project to work on.

On my Glimakra Standard loom I'm weaving a rep weave sample.
One of my weaving goals this year was to explore rep weave,
and here it is July.
I'd better get with it.

I've been reading about the weave structure,
but I needed the chance to play with it a bit.
Now I'm planning on weaving a rep weave rug for my front door,
so that will be going on my Standard loom 
as soon as the sample is done.
I was able to use the LED under lights for the first time,
and they are awesome!

We had a small visitor the other day.

And while doing yard work,
we've discovered a tiny bird's nest
with two babies in it.

Over the next couple of weeks,
I would peek at them,
and it didn't take long before they had flown away,
leaving behind the empty nest.
Don't you just love bird watching?

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric this week,


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