An Improv Quilt Top Finish

Lately I've been posting more about weaving than quilting.
Mostly because I was stuck with the quilt that I had started.
It wasn't working/flowing the way that I wanted,
so I just let it go for a time,
focusing on weaving.

A couple of weeks later I realized how I wanted to make it,
and it's quickly come together this week!
I made this improv quilt 60 x 60 (152 cm x 152 cm)
to be hung on our spare bedroom wall.

I've placed it in the hand quilting queue.

Each day I've been spinning some soft Merino wool
from Alexandra's Crafts that was hand dyed
 in the colorway called gun smoke. 

It's been snowing here,
and cold,
and I absolutely love it :-)



  1. Your quilt top looks great Judy - I can see little houses and windows although I know they are not deliberate. Beautiful yarn, enjoy the snow. xx

  2. I´ve never done any quilting myself but I´ve always admired the craft and especially your works. Have a nice day!

  3. Congrats on the finish. Sometimes you just have to wait for that inspiration to hit. And when it does, there's no stopping!

  4. I love your improv quilt , the colours are so calming , great finish !


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