Creative Time

This is a Shaker Chimney Cupboard,
designed by Michael Pekovich,
and created by my husband, Marshall.
Marshall used beautiful cherry and maple wood 
with striking grain lines to create this piece.

He hand turned the cherry wood 
knobs on his lathe.
It is now finished and in our house!
Do you notice the hand cut dovetail joints?

I love the design,
and it looks great by our front door
where we get to see it first thing when we get home.

We now have a great storage area for
our hand spun/knit hats that we love so much.

I've been happily sewing each day 
on the donation baby quilts.

I machine quilted them,
and sewed the bindings on each one.
May they bring comfort
and warmth to someone in need.

I have another round of scarves on 
my Schacht Baby Wolf loom.
I think that these will probably be the last scarves 
that I weave this winter.
The warp is a random assortment
of Tencel and bamboo yarns
in silver, white, and sunny yellow.

The weft is a hand dyed wool yarn that ranges from taupe,
to silver, to charcoal gray.
The weave structure is a straight 2/2 twill.

After finishing the baby quilts,
I realized that I really wanted to make 
a scrap basket quilt.
Sometimes a pattern just calls out to you,
doesn't it?
I'm using the Liberated String Basket design,
by Gwen Marston,
that is taken from her book,
Liberated String Quilts.

The scraps are primarily peach
and a soft periwinkle blue.
I decided to do a running stitch
to applique the handles to the background fabric.
I'm having a lot of fun with this quilt!

Take care,
Judy & Marshall


  1. Hallo Judy und Marhall
    Was seid ihr zwei für begabte Künstler! Der kleine/grosse Kasten ist einfach wunderschön und einmalig. Dann werden sich die Kinder sicher über eine warme Decke freuen, die du gemacht hast. Und schon wieder ist ein so schöner Schal auf deinem Webstuhl entstanden. Wenn du näher bei mir wärst, würde ich dich ganz lieb um so ein gutes Stück fragen.

    Geniesst die Tage und ganz liebe Grüsse

  2. That cupboard is fantastic! Great work Marshall - so beautiful and perfect for storing more beautiful hadmade items. Your string basket looks great Judy, how many will you make? Pretty scarf on the loom. xx

  3. Judy, that cupboard is magnificent! Your husband put a lot of love and time into making it perfect. Your baby quilts will be very much appreciated, and it’s wonderful that they inspired you to make a basket quilt. Just from that one block, I can see that it will blend in with your decor and be very beautiful! Have fun piecing each block. I can’t wait to see it grow! XO

  4. The cupboard Marshall made is amazing , i love all the details and it looks fantastic in your home . Your baby quilt will be loved and appreciated I'm sure. The basket block is very pretty !

  5. Toller Schrank und der Schal wird bestimmt super. Ich müsste auch mal wieder weben.
    lieben Inselgruß


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