Another Week

I finished the batik baby quilt this week, 
just in time to slip it into a box and mail it on its way. 
This is my version of the Which Way South quilt
 created with batik, solids and patterned fabrics.
 I hand quilted it in the evenings using a large running stitch.
I'm really happy with the end result.
May it bring comfort and love to a darling little granddaughter.

Now I’m dreaming about the next quilt-an sunny yellow improv log cabin quilt. :-)

Last week we rode our dual sport motorcycles to Palouse Falls State Park,
 which has been on our list for sometime now. 
It was a lovely, sunny day when we set out.
 We rode through a small town, Washtucna, 
where we stopped to look at an abandoned bus
 covered with graffiti art.

If you are pulling a trailer or driving a large RV, 
you might want to park early
 before entering the Palouse Falls parking lot 
as the lot is very small, especially if it is full of cars. 
We pulled out our foldable chairs, found some shade 
and ate a picnic lunch while listening to the waterfall.
It was a really nice day, 
finished off with some French press coffee 
made on a backpacking stove
accompanied with a dark chocolate Milano cookie.

Our weight loss journey is continuing, 
with Marshall heading towards 50 pounds lost 
and this week I hit my goal of losing 40 pounds. 
 Weighing our food and counting calories
has really worked well for both of us. 

Marshall baked a new loaf of bread this past week, 
a sesame honey loaf that he baked
It is delicious!

Another day we went for a motorcycle ride across the Palouse Prairie, 
where the rapeseed (canola) fields are a brilliant yellow-
so gorgeous to see!

It’s peaceful riding out on the Palouse.
We take our time
and head down narrow roads
 just to see where they lead.
It really is about 
taking the road less traveled,
isn't it?

And sometimes it’s nice 
to simply stop
 and take in the view 
to savor the moment
while listening to the wind.

Have a great weekend,
Judy & Marshall


  1. That bus is too funny! Very random. I love your photos of The Palouse, especially the last one. We have rapeseed fields around us, but not near as many as up north. They are glorious to come across as they are such a nice surprise of nature. Enjoy your journeys, and congrats on your continuing weight loss!

  2. Two lovely days out Judy - amazing waterfall and I love the bus! Such a gorgeous little quilt for a special person. The bread looks delicious too. Our rape fields are usually in flower in April and a sign of spring. It is interesting to see where a field might pop up in our view - always somewhere different. xx


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