My Animal Family

I share my life with a quirky Welsh Pembroke Corgi named Max, who is my constant companion and an awesome dog. He was born May 2009.

Sam, our huge golden retriever, is my husband's dog, but he's by my side each day, pulling me along if we go on walks. I rely on him when I'm hiking in the woods, as he always gives me a head's up when something is approaching. He was born July 2009.

Myrtle, our adopted outdoor cat, is fiesty and lives life on her own terms. She's become increasingly loving, and she's discovered how nice it can be to snuggle inside on a soft quilt. She was born April 2005.

Chuck wandered up to our house when we were living in Alabama, and he was as thin as could be. One day it was cold and he came indoors to warm up, and the rest is history. He's firmly attached to our youngest son, and waits patiently for him to come home. We've had him with us for twelve years now, and we can only guess at his age.

You know how you wander in to a pet store for supplies and then you see the kittens looking for homes?? Well, we saw this tiny black and white kitten looking for a home, and we brought her home with us, naming her Sweety. She was born August, 2004.

Animals add so much to our daily lives, always being there for us, cheering us up when we feel down, and providing good company, day in, day out.