A Trip To Port Townsend

Months ago my husband, Marshall,
signed up for a chair making class at 
the Port Townsend School of Woodworking.
At the same time, 
we made reservations to camp at Fort Worden,
which is right on the coast.
He had a blast learning how to make a chair,
and his first chair turned out quite nice!

I am going to weave the fabric for the seat,
and then we'll have it professionally upholstered.

While Marshall was in class,
I wandered around the small picturesque town of Port Townsend.
It has a strong artistic community,
and it's filled with friendly people.
I went from spot to spot,
taking in the views of the Puget Sound while tapestry weaving.

I met another weaver,
who stopped to chat about yarn, spinning, and weaving :-)

We took a ferry to Victoria, BC,

where we wandered around taking in the sights,
before heading to the Butchart Gardens.
If you love gardening,
this is the Disneyland for gardeners.

I loved the bronze sculptures that were scattered
throughout the gardens.

It was a lovely day taking in the sights.
There were five cruise ships docked that day,
so it was fun to people watch,
listening to the various languages as the people flowed by.

There's a soft humidity to the air in Port Townsend,
so unlike the hot humidity of Okinawa where we lived for three years.
It was cool, jacket weather while we were there.
I spent hours walking on the beach,
listening to the surf,
and just relaxing.
It was just what we both needed.

Have a great week,


  1. What a great trip! You two are both so talented.

  2. Wow, Judy, that was an adventage, a inspiring time and I think, I can understand your joy well. The chair your husband made looks marvelous! He ist no beginner! It will be nice with a woven seat.
    Take care!

  3. Road trip! Always good for the soul.

  4. Beautiful pictures! And you even met a fountain dragon!
    The chair is amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing it upholstered.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Sounds like a beautiful trip Judy. Marshall's chair looks fantastic - what colours will your use for the upholstery? How lovely to make your own chair. xx

  6. Marshall's chair is just lovely , fantastic job! I knew you would enjoy the gardens they are incredible . I'm glad you both enjoyed your trip 😊

  7. That chair isn't just nice. For a first effort, tell Marshall he has crazy mad skills!

    Butchart Gardens is a treat, isn't it? Did you get up to the rainforest, too? We were up in that area a few years ago and hope to get there, again.


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