Opting Outside on Black Friday

This morning we decided to opt out of the
Black Friday craziness.
Instead we walked around Lake Coeur d’Alene
to view the bald eagles.
They come every year to feast on the Kokanee.
We saw 19 of them,
and I was able to snap a photo of one
with my cell phone camera.

We had a great time,
and it was simply lovely seeing the eagles again.

Judy & Marshall


  1. Liebe Judy
    Interessant ist das und da wäre ich auch hin, um die Weisskopfadler zu sehen. Und gleich 19 Stück davon zu sehen, das ist doch unvergesslich. Geniesst weiter die Tage und herzliche Grüsse

  2. Lovely way to spend a day. xx

  3. When I thought about, I have never seen that many bald eagles in one place at the same time. Must be thrilling! We occasionally see a solitary eagle, and in October I saw three perched above the same lake.

  4. Welch ein tolles Erlebnis.
    Lieben Inselgruß


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