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I think it's safe to say 
that this is a scary time for everyone.
My thoughts are constantly with my family
and also with the elderly/at risk people in our community.
May God grant you peace and safety.

My husband and I continue our creative lives,
because if you are a maker,
creating something with your hands
brings happiness
and peace.

Marshall continues his work at creating
dining room chairs for our home.
He's been turning spindles out of
Douglas fir wood

He's been cutting the pieces for the seats,
starting with a large piece of red birch wood

and then cutting it down to a workable size.

The chair parts are stacking up,

waiting for the day of assembly.

I've been doing some mindless knitting,
using some linen/cotton yarns to create dishcloths.
And I've started stitching embroidery,
which I haven't done in years.
Slow stitching makes 
the stress and worry fade away.

I thought that I'd surround this piece 
with small star quilt blocks
and hang it in my living room.

And I've been hand quilting
a blue improv quilt.
I love seeing the stitches
flow across the quilt.

Stay safe.

Marshall & Judy


  1. Lovely to see how the chairs are coming along. I do like your embroidery - it will make a very pretty wall hanging. Nice quilting too. I am sure that like me you have no shortage of projects to turn to while staying though you will miss your walks - unless you are still allowed to walk? We are only allowed to go 1km from home and for a maximum of 1 hour. But we are making do with walking round our garden which also needs a lot of work at this time of year! Take care Judy. xx


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