Hand Carved Spoons

 I thought that I’d share a few of the hand carved spoons created by my husband, Marshall.

I’ve been giving my work away as gifts for years and sometimes I hear back from people who tell me that they don’t actually use my handwoven items, they just like to look at them. I have to admit that I didn’t really understand that until Marshall started carving spoons. And now I have them on display on my dining room table, where I can see them each day and I don’t actually use them. Now I get it!

His latest carving creation is a flour scoop, made out of walnut wood.

And on one of his spoons, he added some additional carving to the handle.

And when he’s not creating unique spoons, he’s baking!

This is the dough for some rum soaked raisin bread, which is now raising in our kitchen. It’s delicious toasted, with a bit of butter.

Sigh. If you see me out riding my bike like mad, it’s because of my husband’s delicious baking.
Carbs are bad, bad, bad. So why do they taste so good?

Judy & Marshall