Spinning Polwarth Top


I decided to spin some lovely Polwarth combed top from Desert Panda Fiber Arts. 

The weather was perfect for sitting on our front patio, 

so I took advantage of that to get in some relaxing spinning time. 

I’ve been working on my spinning skills, trying to improve my technique. 

Towards that goal I purchased all of the digital copies of Ply Magazine 

and I’ve been steadily reading them each day, focusing on improving my skills.

 I learned how to spin twenty years ago when we were living in Colorado Springs, 

where there was a great fiber/weaving store that offered weaving and spinning classes.

I took advantage of both and I’ve enjoyed both hobbies since then.

 Hand spinning opens up the chance to explore different/unusual fibers 

and I just love the look and feel of hand spun yarn.

For this top, I focused on tightening my plying 

and holding my hands differently while plying two yarns together for a more rounded yarn. 

It could have been plied a bit closer, but overall I’m happy with the result.

 My consistency is improving and I’ll keep practicing….