My Looms

 In 2017 I added a 70 cm Glimakra Ideal 
countermarch loom that had water damage
and had painted hearts/flowers covering it.

I lovingly restored it-
sanding it down,
rubbing three coats of Tung Oil finish on it,
and then waxing it.
My husband, Marshall, added some custom 
woodworking touches of Cocobolo wedges,
along with African Padauk wood supports for the bench.

I also rescued a 120 cm Glimakra Standard
horizontal countermarch loom,
with eight shafts and ten treadles.
It had some water damage, and
it also had hearts and leaves painted on it,
so it was lovingly restored by me.

It's quiet to weave on,
and I love the simple design of this loom.

A vintage Baby Wolf loom has made its way into my house.
Funny enough how that happens, isn't it?
Olad strikes again :-)
This loom was made in 1992,
and it's a four shaft loom.
It had one warp put on it when it was new,
and then it sat unused for years and years.
It will be used in my house....

Now I have a row of looms filled with various weaving projects....
Weave on.