Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Bright Improv Scrap Quilt

This year one of my goals is to make a dent in my scrap collection, so I've been steadily making scrap quilts since January. For this quilt I decided to go back to making improv blocks, pulling bright colors from my scrap boxes along with some white and gray. I made each block 14.5 inches (37 cm) and the quilt is make up of five blocks across by six blocks down, which measures out to 72 inches x 87 inches (183 x 221 cm).

I have to admit that I had a blast making this-there's something so appealing about the freedom of improv.
I'm using cotton batting with a solid white backing,
and the quilt is now in the hand quilting queue.

On the spinning side of things, I've been spinning some Corriedale/cross wool
that I dyed last year in peach, turquoise, tan, 
and sky blue. This was a roving from Paradise Fiber, 
and I have to admit that it's rather a disappointment due
to the roughness of the fiber. 
The cross part of this fiber has made this wool rough to the touch, 
ruining the springy, softer qualities of Corriedale wool.
I had planned on spinning enough wool to knit up a vest, 
but I don't think that I can wear this.
 I need some new felted wool oven mitts for my kitchen,
so I'll spin this and then redye the yarn in bright colors
before knitting up the huge mitts to felt.

I've put the first warp on my vintage cherry Norwood loom,
using Maysville 8/4 cotton yarn for the warp,
and Sugar'n Cream thick cotton yarn in 
the chocolate milk colorway for my weft
to weave some twill bathmats.
It's been some time since I put on a warp, 
so I reread the helpful book,
Warping All By Yourself,
by Cay Garrett.
She has some great tips about getting a warp on
evenly, without a lot of hassle.

Our roses are just about ready to break out in song, 
as they are covered with buds.
I love seeing them each year,
and this year they are taller 
and healthier than they've been in some time.
I'm trying a new organic fertilizer that
seems to be making them happy!
Usually at this time of year,
the roses are barely fence high,
but as you can see they are much taller.
Nice :-)

Other flowers are blooming, 
from bachelor buttons,

to clematis

to irises.

There's something quite peaceful about gardening-
caring for the flowers
and seeing them come up each year-
they add a wonderful touch of color to the landscape
and cheer to anyone who sees them.

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,