Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's Fall

I don't know how you feel about cooler temperatures,
but I'm loving it!
I was riding my bicycle the other morning,
getting my morning exercise,
when I noticed the golden aspen leaves fluttering down 
onto the path in front of me.
You know what this means?
Ski season is right around the corner....

The other day I heard about a vintage four shaft 
Baby Wolf loom needing a new home.
It was a great deal, and included a bench.
Who could resist?
Olad strikes again ;-)
My husband, who is such a good sport,
drove 680 miles with me to bring this home.
Thanks, Marshall.
And we were able to see parts of Oregon that 
we had never seen before.
Okay, that was my doing,
I was driving early in the morning,
chatting away and I missed the turn that we needed to take.
Scenic opportunity!
So we drove through the mountains,
taking in the wonderful views,
knowing that we'd like to go back 
to camp and to ride our dual sport motorcycles.
Welcome to your new home, little Baby Wolf loom....

It has a varied warp on it of hemp yarn, and organic cotton/hemp yarn
to weave twill washcloths for gifts.
I'm hooked on weaving this little washcloths!
They are fun to weave and make great gifts.
Plus, I have small balls of leftover weaving yarn
clogging my storage hutch,
and this is a great project to combine yarns to weave 
unique washcloths while using up those small balls.
It's a win-win.

On the loom it looks like a rather open sett,
but the end result is a soft, pliable cloth
once it's washed in hot water.

Work continues, well, it doesn't feel like work,
on my scrap triangle quilt.
My studio is a creative mess right now with scraps 
and strips everywhere.

Yesterday the weather was warm and sunny,
so I brought out my dyeing supplies to set up everything
in my driveway.
I had a Merino superwash/silk roving that I wanted to dye
black and gray for woven scarf requests.
And then I had a wool/alpaca roving that I wanted to dye for socks.

I was thinking of scuba diving in the East China Sea 
while living in Okinawa,
so that's what inspired the colors in this wool/alpaca batch.
My husband, Marshall, and I used to get up early, 
drive to the seawall to watch the sunrise 
and then slip in the water to scuba dive.
What awesome memories.

I painted the dyes on to the roving using foam brushes,

then dripped dye on the remaining open areas.

This is the other batch of wool/alpaca:

Crimson, deep blue, forest green, plum,
and burgundy.
Rich colors just right for fall.

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,

Friday, September 16, 2016

A New Quilt Started

While looking through my fabric stash the other day
 I was quite happy to discover a large
bag full of a jelly roll-
quilting parlance for precut 2.5 inch (6.4 cm) strips-
of burgundy and teal batiks.
I don't remember buying them, 
but I'm more than happy to use them!

I've started a triangle quilt using neutral scraps 
and the batik strips.
I think that I will make this quilt bed sized
to go on a spare bed.

I've been happily spinning a super soft Merino
that I dyed last year.
The colors of the wool are rose, lilac,
and a soft plum.
It was quite nice to spin and I just finished Navajo plying it.
I think that this skein will knit up into a lovely hat to wear this winter.
I enjoy sitting on my patio, 
taking in the view of the flowers,
while spinning.
So peaceful....

On the weaving side of things,
I'm still making progress on my free style fabric.
That is when Chucky isn't asleep on my bench....

The other day the weather was quite nice,
so I took Edna-
my BMW F650GS-
out for a spin.

I decided to head out to the Sweet area,
what an awesome name for a town,
and eat a picnic lunch near the Black Canyon Reservoir.
There was a light wind blowing,
but it was warm and sunny so
it turned out to be a perfect day for lunch outside!

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric this week,