Friday, September 16, 2016

A New Quilt Started

While looking through my fabric stash the other day
 I was quite happy to discover a large
bag full of a jelly roll-
quilting parlance for precut 2.5 inch (6.4 cm) strips-
of burgundy and teal batiks.
I don't remember buying them, 
but I'm more than happy to use them!

I've started a triangle quilt using neutral scraps 
and the batik strips.
I think that I will make this quilt bed sized
to go on a spare bed.

I've been happily spinning a super soft Merino
that I dyed last year.
The colors of the wool are rose, lilac,
and a soft plum.
It was quite nice to spin and I just finished Navajo plying it.
I think that this skein will knit up into a lovely hat to wear this winter.
I enjoy sitting on my patio, 
taking in the view of the flowers,
while spinning.
So peaceful....

On the weaving side of things,
I'm still making progress on my free style fabric.
That is when Chucky isn't asleep on my bench....

The other day the weather was quite nice,
so I took Edna-
my BMW F650GS-
out for a spin.

I decided to head out to the Sweet area,
what an awesome name for a town,
and eat a picnic lunch near the Black Canyon Reservoir.
There was a light wind blowing,
but it was warm and sunny so
it turned out to be a perfect day for lunch outside!

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric this week,

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


The past couple of weeks I've been happily sewing log cabin 
and improv blocks together to make a king sized,
110 x 110 inches (280 cm x 280 cm) quilt.
This is a gift for two special people.
The fabrics are Union Blues by Barbara Brackman,
along with a couple of lovely dusty blue fabrics
by Robyn Pandolph,
and then an assortment of neutral fabrics.

The batting is from the Hobbs Tuscany Collection
and the one that I chose is a blend of cotton and superwash wool.
I'm hand quilting this and hurrah, it's football season,
so I know that I'll have some exciting games to watch while
working on this.
War Eagle! Go Auburn!

I finished the miniature overshot table runner, 
that I had been weaving.
It's finished.
This was on my loom since January....

The wooden boxes were created by my husband, Marshall.

I had a dyeing day a few weekends ago.
The weather was cooler, so it was a nice time to set up
my supplies on the back patio.
For a couple of batches I started out with a 
superwash Merino/nylon blend from Knit Picks.

I dyed this using acid dyes, and also Rit dyes
in brilliant blue, spruce green, tobacco brown,
and a chocolate brown.

This was a Corrriedale roving that I've had for years
that I dyed using food coloring and acid dyes.
For this batch I went with sunny yellow,
a soft lilac, and a sky blue.

This is the result of a fun day of dyeing:

sunny yellow, lilac, sky blue
brilliant blue, tobacco brown, zesty orange

Forest colors-spruce green, brilliant blue, chocolate brown
plum, black, gray, burgundy

The cosmos flowers in my garden are putting on a lovely last show. 
They are so cheerful to see each day!

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,