Thursday, October 20, 2016

No Politics Here....

I don't know about you, 
but I'm quite thankful that the election 
is right around the corner as
I have election fatigue. 
Then maybe,
just maybe,
we'll have a break from it all.
I know the system doesn't work like that,
does it?

My husband, Marshall,
loves to work with wood. 
In the evenings you'll find him carving
a spoon,
starting with a thick piece of wood,
and gradually working with it
until it takes on the shape that he wants it to be.

This is his latest creation,
made from a branch of a cherry tree that was once
growing in our yard.

I love the gentle curve of the handle.

And the small knots in the wood.

This spoon reminds me of the LOR,
when the Hobbits were talking about the trees speaking to them.
This spoon has a voice....

I just finished spinning some Cormo and silk for a
special woven scarf.
I thought that I'd pair this with some super-fine
cream alpaca.

Speaking of alpaca,
I purchased another weaving kit from the Yarn Barn.
This time I bought the Natural Alpaca Zen Stole kit.
I changed the colors to dark gray and black.
The alpaca is super soft and easy to weave with.
Fiber happiness!

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,

Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Weaving Finish and My First Weaving Kit

I threw the last pick, or shuttle pass,
and my freestyle or Saori style fabric was done.
Such a neat feeling to cut it off of my Hollandia loom 
so that I could see it in its entirety!
now comes the challenging part of cutting it up
to make a vest or a jacket.
I'll do a muslin test run first,
just to make sure that I like the pattern and that it fits.

The left side is where I started weaving,
playing with different colors/yarns/textures.
Then I decided what I liked best,
and stuck with that for the rest of the cloth.
The yarns were a turquoise novelty yarn from a Saori Etsy store,
set against an 8/2 white tencel yarn with inclusions of
silk ribbon, embroidery floss,
and cut up bits of rayon scarf added
for little bursts of color and texture.

Do you buy crafting kits? 
Quilting, knitting, weaving kits are available 
with the yarns/fabrics included along
with the pattern.
I've never bought a weaving kit before,
and then I got the latest Yarn Barn catalog.
And I was thumbing through it,
thinking to myself that I'd like to weave that shawl,
and that scarf,
and those towels :-)
 I ordered my first weaving kit for
a bamboo/Merino overshot scarf,
called The Harmony Scarf
by Zahra Jade Designs.
Oh, happy day.

You have a choice of colors,
and I chose colors to go with my favorite turquoise down jacket.

I'm still sewing on the scrap triangle quilt 
and hoping to have the top done soonest.

I've been spinning some superwash Merino/silk roving
that I dyed a couple of weeks ago in silver, gray, and black.
I had a couple of requests for handwoven scarves
for Christmas and this yarn will be the weft.
And it's October, so I'd better get with the program!!

The other day my husband, Marshall, and I took our 
dual sport motorcycles out for a ride.
It was a little cool, but with a Merino sweater on
and a good jacket we kept warm.
Notice the hat knit out of handspun Cormo/silk yarn-
my hubby has a nice collection of hats that he rotates.
It's good to have a fiber fanatic in the family....

Living here in Idaho is so wonderful
because it's a short distance to the mountains,
where we can ride forest service roads 
that go on for miles and miles.
And most of the time we see maybe one or two people at most.
We get to ride along soaking up the peaceful views, and
hearing the wind blowing through the pine trees.
I like to putt on my motorcycle, Edna,
stopping to take photos,
and just enjoying the day.

Here's hoping that you have time for fabric/fiber this week,