Thursday, June 30, 2016

Play Time

On Sunday I had a delivery from the Eugene Textile Center
of a used Louet Hollandia loom.
OLAD strikes again.
(Obsessive Loom Acquisition Disorder)
I've read about OLAD on Ravelry,
and I'm convinced that it's contagious!!

I've never woven on a parallel countermarch loom before,
so I was curious how it would be.
I spent the afternoon cleaning the loom up,
and reading about how the loom works.
I then transferred my novelty yarn from
my little vintage Harrisville loom to the Hollandia.

I haven't woven with bumpy/fuzzy/slick yarns in a long time,
so beaming (winding) on the yarn took some time.
Ha. (Understatement.)
But, I made it, 
the yarn made it on the back beam,
and all was well.
The treadling on this loom is light and easy on my knee,
so I'm a very happy weaver indeed.
Thanks, Theresa, for your recommendation!!!!!

I've spent hours playing/weaving on the Hollandia,
 pulling various yarns from my stash,
and adding them to the free style or Saori inspired woven piece.
It's play and I don't want to plan this.
I want to weave it like I'm sewing improv quilt blocks.

I've added silk ribbon inlay,
and clasped weft weaving with various yarns.
The ribbon yarn makes little shiny bumps across the surface of the cloth,
like tiny silk caterpillars creeping across my fabric.
I like it!

Also added was embroidery floss and ribbon yarn inclusions
to contribute small bursts of color to the cloth.

Speaking of improv, 
I have strips sitting on my sewing machine waiting for me
to create some placemats for a request that has been made.
I'll probably start that this afternoon,
so it will be fun to play with the bright colors!

I thought that I'd share a photo of my bee balm
that is flowering in my backyard.
It looks like something out of an alien movie,
doesn't it?

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Creative Fun

I finished weaving my tangerine rag rugs and 
cut them off the loom.
That's such a great feeling!
They are now adding a colorful zing
to my kitchen
and I smile every time I see them.
Did I mention how much I like rag rugs??
I love the idea of recycling old things
and giving them new life.

I was inspired to make an improv
toaster cover to complement the new tangerine rugs. 
My old cover, made from handwoven cotton overshot,
was looking rather faded and 
it needed to be replaced.

It was a fun project that adds some sunshine to my kitchen!

On the weaving side of things, I've been measuring out a warp
of novelty yarns in various blues in order to weave yardage for a vest.
I've been ghosting Ravelry, reading about other weaver's experiences
in weaving for clothing and I'm on the fence as far
as loom shaped clothing is concerned.
On the one hand, you do little cutting, so the garment
construction is easier 
but a good fit can be difficult to achieve.
And I know that if it's super baggy,
I probably won't wear it.
By weaving yardage, you can use traditional
I have to admit that I have woven three different
fabrics with the idea of cutting them up
for garments.
And years later, they still exist as yardage,
carefully stored in my weaving hutch.
The trepidation of cutting handwoven cloth proved
to be too big of a hurdle for me to overcome
with these projects.
Hmm, maybe that gives the loom shaped garment the edge....

 has sat empty for far too long,
but now it will be weaving a fun plain weave fabric.
I don't know how this is going to turn out
as I've never woven with yarns like this before,
but I'm viewing it as play,
so it's all good.

On my knitting needles, I have some cotton yarn 
that I'm using to knit dishcloths
(yikes, no socks!)
I dyed this boucle yarn a soft turquoise using Rit dye.

Here's hoping that you have time for fabric/fiber today,